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Getting rid of dust in your home helps keep your family healthy because the quality of air you breathe is very important to your vital organs

Indoor air may contain dust and allergens that make you sick

Let us perform professional air duct cleaning in your home

Dryer vent cleaning

Let us clean you dryer vent to prolong life and increase efficiency of your dryer. Dirty dryer vents are known to cause fire

Professional air duct cleaning

Improve air quality of your home with our help. You might be surprised how much dust is inside your air ducts!

Professional dryer vent cleaning

Besides increasing you dryer's efficiency and reducing energy bill, regular dryer vent cleaning protects your home from fires caused by clogged dryer vents.

Professional chimney cleaning

We remove dangerous creosote buildup that can ignite at any time. Besides that, properly cleaned chimney or fireplace produces less smoke inside the house.

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We are the experts when it comes to air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

Household dust, animal hair,  dander, and insect waste fill those spots where your vacuum cleaner can’t reach, and that is mostly in your air vents and ducts. Accumulation of these unhealthy pollutants in your air ducts may cause health problems, respiratory issues, odor in your home, and equipment failure. Please read more about Why is it necessary to perform air duct cleaning on regular basis.

Almost every household in NJ has a clothes dryer and after some time time of usage the vent pipe starts to clog and that leads to dryer inefficiency: longer drying  times and higher energy bill. And when the vent pipe completely clogs and there is no way for hot air to escape, dryer fire may occur. There are 15000 dryer fires every year and most are due to clogged dryer vents. Lint is the main material that dryer vent gets clogged with. When hot air goes through lint, it dries and becomes very combustible. Take a look at 2 reasons why it is mandatory to clean your dryer vent.

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